N11 one ring one iron unit ring iron headphones
5 unit moving iron HIFI headset

N620 6-unit moving iron

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Utilizing 4 frequency divisions of electronics and physics, patented three sound hole technology,


using German medical resin integrated inverted mold molding, full manual adjustment by professionals many times, strong potential at low frequencies, solid intermediate frequency, high frequency penetration, and three frequency balance. The 6-unit male template collects thousands of auricles of music lovers, and through big data analysis, it is more suitable for Asians to wear, and strives to make the appearance smaller, making it more comfortable and fit than previous multi-units, almost reaching the private model. Wear effect, and this product has a super premium price that beats many similar products, whether you are a enthusiast or a professional musician, you can have the highest quality listening experience anytime, anywhere.

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1 review for N620 6-unit moving iron

  1. Coen Jacobs

    This album gets a bit boring after you’ve listened to it more than once. Worth that first listen though.

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