N620 6-unit moving iron
3 unit solid resin HIFI

5 unit moving iron HIFI headset


No music, only human voice

Customized appearance Customized unit Patented acoustic catheter Master tuning Medical resin integral molding

Tri-band equalization, comfortable on-ear noise reduction 27DB


Inside select 1 Lou iron, 4 EPZ custom composite moving iron, use 3 division of electronics and physics, 3D printing 3 sound hole design, German medical resin integrated mold, the sound is adjusted by many professionals, three Frequency balance, accurate sound field positioning, each pair of earphones are hand-made, excellence, comfort and sound insulation are excellent, whether pop rock or classical can enjoy anytime, anywhere, and has a value price that beats many similar products


Class 1 custom appearance

By collecting big headphone data and strictly following ergonomics, we have designed a more suitable headphone shape for Asians, which will not cause pain for a long time, and the noise reduction can reach 27db, giving a better wearing experience for music lovers.


2Selected units face uncompromising in demanding areas

A good earphone must use an excellent unit. 520 uses one Louie low frequency 22955, two EPZ custom intermediate frequency composite units, and two EPZ custom high frequency composite units. , The bass dive is strong and powerful, bringing more amazing listening experience


3-way frequency and independent acoustic catheter

520 uses 3 divisions of electronics and physics design, 3D printing 3 acoustic catheters (accuracy up to 0.01 mm), reasonable crossover design, high structural accuracy, escorting for better sound quality


4 Master Tuning Tri-Frequency Equalization

(Curve) Excellent frequency response, extremely low distortion and unparalleled resolution, can accurately restore every sound detail


5 ingenuity

German medical resin solid mold, hand-made, carefully crafted, and strive to make each finished product as crystal clear and flawless as art


6 low resistance and high sensitivity

You can easily experience HIFI-grade sound quality by pushing the phone directly, portable and high-quality sound quality is with you


7 Germany imported MMCX interface professional wire

The standard MMCX interface 8-core silver-plated fever cable not only transmits sound losslessly, but also enriches the details of the sound to a certain extent. The wire is in one step, and there is no need to worry about upgrading the wire in the future.


8 physical display

Colorful colors, with different you

Thousands of transparent resin color matching, with a variety of colorful panels, just for you more personalized

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