5 unit moving iron HIFI headset

3 unit solid resin HIFI

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In terms of sound tuning, we have invited many headphone enthusiasts and acoustic experts. After numerous tuning adjustments, they create a mellow music atmosphere and highly ornamental bright high-frequency. Frequency equalization, whether it is pop rock or classical, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere

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Facing the uncompromising 320 hard-to-reach low-frequency moving iron and EPZ custom composite units in the harsh field, using industrial-grade 3D printed acoustic ducts (accuracy up to 0.01MM), after thousands of tuning and calibration, all hand-made, excellence, and strive to The pair of headphones are as clear as artwork

Electronic 3-way, three sound hole design

Using electronic and physical three-frequency design, combined with 3D printed acoustic catheter, reasonable crossover design, extremely high structural accuracy, making the low, middle and high connection smooth and natural, and the sound and density of different frequency bands are also unobtrusive, sound field It’s just right, the sweet vocal is immersive

Replaceable filter design

The 320 filter and catheter can be rotated and removed, making it easier to replace the filter and increasing the playability of the headset

Low resistance and high sensitivity, easy to push

Various mobile phones, laptops, and direct push to easily experience HIFI-grade sound quality, convenient to carry, high-quality music, with you!

Intelligent remote control, widely compatible

One-button button, high-definition microphone, one-click switch between music and call

Rich accessories, gift-grade packaging, full of sincerity

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2 reviews for 3 unit solid resin HIFI

  1. James Koster

    The most influential album of the last 25 years? This just might be it.

  2. Coen Jacobs

    Some rad tunes on this album!

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