About Neoaudio

Born for sound, affects audiovisual experience.

Neoaudio focuses on high-end custom headsets and Bluetooth headsets. The brand provides finished product design and acoustic component supply.

3D printing

Create a personal custom high-end wearing experience, give a comfortable tactile feel, carve the external structure with artistic standards, create a personalized, stylish and cool appearance, and easy to carry.
It is suitable for both entertainment and business, and can meet the needs of customers. Experience can also attract customers' attention in appearance.

Handmade spirit

The spirit of the hand, the integration of fashion concepts, the harsh selection of materials, relying on sincerity and cutting-edge technology, will raise the details and instantaneous feelings of sound to a new level, bringing customers a surprise experience.

NEOAUDIO brand has created a compatible and inclusive team since its inception. It integrates acoustics, structure, software and hardware engineering and other technical talents, and constantly explores the magic of the sound world. The perfect combination of personalization and comfort of custom headphones can both achieve High-fidelity can also reflect the contagious and expansive power of sound. The NEOAUDIO brand is committed to the customization of high-quality headphones, and has continuously introduced epoch-making headphones, becoming the representative brand of domestic high-end customized headphones.

parallax background

A selection of high-quality moving iron units

Lou Low-Knowls-C122955 is used for low frequency, which has strong low frequency, high sensitivity and strong energy. Equipped with 4 imported custom units, fast response speed and high resolution.

The creative design of a solid transparent injection-molded case demonstrates the precision of the internal components. Ergonomic design, ear-wound structure effectively prevents auscultation effect, taking into account stability and comfort, suitable for many types of occasions.

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